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Autumn Is Coming

October 4, 2023

Autumn Is Here and It Is Bringing Amazing Colors And Aesthetic With It

Autumn wood flower wreath

Everywhere you go, stores are changing their seasonal sections away from gardening and outdoors to Halloween (and some are even going as far as Christmas!). 

Fortunately, Autumn gives us so many vibrant colors and aesthetics that once you tune into its essence, the rush of all-t0o-early holiday decor becomes a mere backdrop. The beauty of Autumn is not just in the crispness of the air or the early sunsets but mainly in the myriad of colors it offers. The changing colors of the leaves present us with a natural color palette so rich and diverse that it’s every artist’s and decorator’s dream.

fall wood flower bouquets

Autumn hues are warm and cozy, evoking feelings of comfort, thanks in no small part to the warm fuzzy sweaters and hopefully not fuzzy, but still warm drinks associated with the season. Deep reds, burnt oranges, and golden yellows resemble the leaves that fall from trees. These shades can be beautifully mimicked in wood flower arrangements, making them an ideal choice for this season.

Consider blending maroon, amber, and mustard wooden flowers for a traditional Autumn look. This combination captures the spirit of Fall. Adding some pine cones or faux cranberries can give it a rustic touch and provide texture and an earthy feel.

If you are beyond the realm of conventional, why not play with muted tones? Soft olive greens, dusty roses, and taupe can lend a less intense feel to your arrangement. This palette captures the gentler side of Autumn. I’m talking about misty mornings and cozy knit blankets here.

Yellow, orange and bark wood flower arrangement in jelly jar

Sola wood flowers hold colors in a vibrant and lasting manner, and their natural texture complements the Autumn theme perfectly. You even have the liberty to get as creative as you want by combining different shades or even adding supplementary elements like fabric, ribbons, or lace.

Fall is truly a season of inspiration. Its natural color palette and mood provide an excellent foundation for crafting the most enchanting wood flower arrangements. Whether you’re decorating your home, gifting a loved one, or even preparing for a wedding/event, there’s an Autumn-inspired arrangement that’s perfect for the occasion.

While stores might be rushing the season, take a moment to embrace the present. Let the hues of Fall inspire you, and may your creations with wood flowers be as heartwarming and memorable as the season itself. Happy crafting!


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