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Enchanting Ideas For Using Wood Flowers In Your Fairytale Disney Wedding or Event

August 9, 2023

Wood Flowers & Disney: Two Timeless Forces Come Together In a Spectacle of Beauty

couple getting married at Disney with wood flower bouquet

If you are a Disney fan and are crazy about THE mouse, then you are for sure thinking about ways to incorporate Disney elements into your big day! But what if I told you that the traditional bouquet or centerpiece could be elevated with a touch of Disney enchantment? Yes, you read that right. Wood flowers serve as the perfect canvas to sprinkle some Disney pixie dust into your arrangements for your magical Disney wedding, birthday party or other event.

Here are some ways sola wood flowers can help you create the most enchanting Disney florals ever, and just in time for Disney’s 100th birthday this year.

1. Trinkets & Charms In Your Wood Flowers

Imagine having an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed wedding bouquet. Your arrangement could feature charms depicting playing cards, beloved characters, and iconic quotes. Don’t forget those keys and potion bottles nestled among paper flowers crafted from book pages. And, for a touch of whimsy, how about roses messily painted red? (After all, we wouldn’t want the Queen of Hearts to be upset!) The bouquet could be further enhanced with ribbon featuring playing card symbols, leaves created from illustrations in the book, and even a pocket watch for that timely ‘rabbit hole’ feel.


And Alice is just the beginning! Think of the myriad of possibilities from other Disney tales. If The Little Mermaid is your jam, blend in seashells, mermaid tail embellishments, or a dashing trident in the boutonniere. And for a shimmering touch? Add mermaid scales and charms that evoke the magic of the sea. Leaning more towards Snow White? An array of apple-themed elements can bring her iconic tale to life. The possibilities are as endless as the Disney universe itself!



2. Create a Hidden Mickey

For the Disney aficionados among us, the ‘Hidden Mickey’ is a delightful Easter egg. With wood flowers, weaving in that little touch of Mickey is a breeze. Opt for a flower in a contrasting hue to fashion a hidden Mickey or ingeniously incorporate Mickey charms amid your flower centers. You could even have Mickey-themed pins adorning your bouquet handle for a not-so-subtle touch!

3. Disney Color Magic With Custom Painted Wood Flower

Every Disney Princess movie comes with its own unique color palette that can beautifully reflect in your flower arrangements and with sola wood flowers, the petals can be painted the exact color that matches your classic Disney fairy tale. Let the vibrant hues of Snow White’s dress inspire a mix of yellow, royal blue, and red flowers. Or channel the romantic tale of Beauty and the Beast with a blend of yellow, blue, and ivory – not forgetting the iconic red rose enclosed in a glass cloche.

For those looking to exude the cool elegance of Elsa from ‘Frozen’, envision a bouquet drenched in shades of blue, silver, and ivory. And for a twist? Embrace the edgy aesthetic of Mal from ‘Descendants’, or her infamous mother, Maleficent with a daring combination of purple, black, and lime green.

blue, silver and white wood flower bouquet for Frozen Disney

4. Capture the Symbolic Elements or Stunning Visual Scenery

Disney’s animated classics are celebrated not just for their captivating stories but also rich visuals and motifs. Integrating these elements into your arrangements can be a subtle yet evocative nod to your favorite fairy tale. For instance, consider the romantic lantern scene from ‘Tangled’. The symbolic lanterns and themes of light can be beautifully reimagined as ethereal centerpieces for your event.

In love with these enchanting ideas? Whether it’s for a wedding, a special event, or a magical gift, let us weave a Disney-themed spell into your wood florals. Reach out now for custom Disney-themed sola wood flowers that’ll transport you straight into your favorite fairy tale. And if you’re looking for the perfect flower gift? I can create arrangements based on your chosen Disney color theme. Let’s turn fairy tale dreams into reality!

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