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Wood Flower Crafts For The Kids

August 4, 2023

Keep Them Busy With a Fun and Beautiful Summer Project

We’re halfway through Summer vacation – It’s bittersweet. On one hand, you’ll be able to send the kids back to school. On the other hand, the kids aren’t going to be home. Ahh, mom life.  By now, most kids are either bored out of their skin, or terrified that their vacation is nearly over. Crafting can be a great way to keep them engaged and nurture their creativity. This season, why not introduce them to the world of sola wood flowers? These flowers are durable, eco-friendly, and safe for children, making them an excellent material for kids’ crafts and Wood & Word Blooms even lets you customize your own colors so your kids are ready to craft… Here are a few ideas that can help keep your little ones at bay, while also sharing a new way to enjoy sustainable flowers with them.

Grab your own set of custom color wood flowers in the Wood & Word Blooms Shop.

1. Wood Flower Picture Frames

A decorated picture frame is a sweet keepsake and an excellent way for your kids to display their favorite summer photos. Simply let your child paint Wood Flowers in their favorite colors and glue them onto a simple wooden or plastic frame. It’s a creative and enjoyable project that also makes a perfect gift for family members.

2. Garden Fairy Wands with Wood Flowers

Sola wood flowers can transform into magical wands for your little ones to use in their imaginary play. Attach a painted flower or a bundle of 3 to a wooden dowel and add some ribbons for a touch of whimsy. With their new wand in hand, your children can become fairies, wizards, or anything else their heart desires.

sola wood flower wand from Connecticut artisan

3. Homemade Greeting Cards

Brighten someone’s day with a homemade greeting card adorned with Sola Wood Flowers. These flowers can be glued onto cardstock, and children can add their personal touch with colored pencils, markers, or glitter glue. This craft also teaches kids the joy of giving, as they can send their handmade cards to friends or family.

4. Mini Wood Flower Arrangements in Cute Animal Planters

Let your kiddos unleash their inner florist. You may need to help with gluing the stems or I recommend a glue pot like this one from Amazon so there’s less chance of finger burns, but kids love being able to paint and pick out their own flowers. They will have a blast playing with arranging the flowers and adding fillers and greenery that you might have around the house or buy at the store. They can go through their craft stash and add their own personal touches like beads and ribbons or pipe cleaners too!

5. Flower Crowns

Let your child feel like royalty for a day with their own flower crown. Use an old headband and glue down leaves or ribbon, then glue down your wood flowers and add pieces of greenery, dried flowers or fun craft materials. This activity not only encourages creativity but can also be used for dress-up or as a festive accessory for a summer picnic, or maybe just a little bit of fairy roleplay.

rainbow wood flower crown

6. Holiday Door Hangers

From an Easter Bunny to one of Santa’s Reindeers or even a big ol’ wood cut out heart, wood flowers are the perfect accent to a fun and festive holiday door hanger for your kiddo’s room. Add a flower crown to an Easter Bunny or cover a heart in pink, red and ivory sola wood flowers. A little glue and imagination and this craft will not only keep your mini crafters busy for hours but also give them something they can use to decorate for the holidays.Bunny door hanger with wood flowers

7. Flower Covered Letters

Completely customize a flower covered letter with wood flowers. Just like the door hangers, these can be done on a wooden letter to hang on a door or wall or a thicker wooden letter designed to stand up on a dresser or table. This craft is easy and fun for kids of all ages. You can let younger kids place the flowers and bits of greenery or fillers of their choice (think beads and gems all the way to mini cars or animals). Then an adult can do the gluing or if you child is comfortable with a glue gun this is a great craft they can do on their own. You could even use moss and rocks to create a succulent garden look or add mini fairies for a fairy garden letter!

adding sola wood flowers to wooden letters


Crafting with food flowers not only gives you and your child a fun activity for a summer day but also provides an opportunity for them to learn about nature, colors, and shapes. And who knows, you might have a little budding artist in your midst!

Remember, these are just a few ideas to get you started – the possibilities are endless with Sola Wood Flowers. So why wait? Roll up your sleeves, get your craft kit ready, and prepare to fill your summer days with creativity.

If you’re not sure where to start, I have a number of DIY kits available in my shop. Feeling a bit more free-form? I also offer dyed flowers for you to go buck-wild on your summer crafts. Check them all out here:


Have fun and happy crafting!


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