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Where Are The Stems?

July 26, 2023

Stemless Flowers? Yup, Wood Flowers Are That Cool.

Loose wood flowers in blue, yellow and pink

Sola wood flowers have become a remarkable force in floral design, enchanting many with their versatility, beauty, and sustainability. Eco-friendly and enduring, these flowers can be molded and colored into pretty much anything you can imagine. But I get asked this a lot when sending custom dyed flowers:

“Where are the stems?”

Well, that’s a design decision, and there are a few benefits to doing it this way.

Without pre-attached stems, the possibilities for how and where you can use them are boundless. You could create an elegant, tall bouquet by attaching long stems or design a low, sprawling centerpiece with shorter stems or even place them in garlands or glue onto items with no stems. This freedom extends to the length, material, and even color of your chosen stems. It even provides you the option to upcycle materials from another project.

Beyond customization, it is a lot easier and cheaper to ship them without the stems and stemming these flowers is easy. Check out my quick and easy tutorial on Youtube. Another reason to wait to stem is that you have several options. For some projects, a higher gauge floral wire with more flexibility is needed. For other projects, like bouquets, then sturdy 18 gauge floral wire is best. If they will stand alone, then thicker stems, bamboo skewers or plastic stems with leaves might be best.

By excluding stems, the savings on additional materials and labor can be passed on to you, making sola wood flowers an even more affordable alternative to fresh or silk flowers.

The stemless nature of wood flowers is a unique attribute that adds to their versatility. They prove that beauty, practicality, and sustainability can harmoniously coexist, offering endless possibilities to unleash your creativity.

Create your own custom mix of painted wood flowers on my site to craft with.

Red and black painted wood flowers

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