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Sola Wood Flower Care

July 19, 2023

How To Keep Your Blooms Beautiful

Wood flowers are an exquisite choice for those who appreciate the beauty of blooms year-round. While they are known for their durability and low maintenance, they still require some care to maintain their appearance.

It’s worth noting that while derived from a wood substance, the petals are not as rigid as wood from that tree in your backyard. They are soft and flexible; hence they require gentle handling to avoid distortion or damage. Treat them with the same tenderness as you would a fresh flower when arranging or relocating.

Where To Keep Them

Keep in mind that sola wood flowers prefer a dry environment. Moisture can make them lose their shape or, in extreme cases, even lead to mold. Avoid high-humidity areas and consider a dehumidifier if your general climate calls for it.

I’m often asked if they can be located in a bathroom. The answer depends on how often this bathroom is used, the level of moisture (do you have a fan that runs during showers?), and keeping an eye on the arrangement for any potential signs of mold.

If your bathroom tends to stay dry, you will likely be ok with a wood flower arrangement there. The flowers also are best kept out of direct sunlight.

As with anything painted and placed in sunlight, the color may face over time. So, while it might be tempting to place your beautiful bouquet near a sunny window, it’s best to keep them in a place where they will be safe from prolonged exposure to direct sun.


The Test Of Time



Over time, dust might accumulate on your flowers, or their shape could slightly alter. In such cases, a soft paintbrush can be used for gentle cleaning, and a minimal amount of water can be used to reshape them. Suppose you ever want to refresh the color of your flowers or change it completely.

In that case, you can easily do so using craft paint or fabric dye, adding another layer of versatility to these incredible creations. This can be done if your flower ever does get a chip over time, as well. You can re-curl a petal by wetting it slightly and rolling it with your fingers or trim it with sharp scissors, then dab a bit of paint with a brush on the ivory pith of the plant that is showing. If the color matches, you can even use a marker in a pinch.

By following these basic care tips, you can enjoy the enduring allure of sola wood flowers, keeping them as an enchanting feature in your home for a long time.


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